SINCE 1977~

2nd generation of family business
SEATREE has been pioneering a new world for 40 years.

  • 2021 ~ 2011
  • 2010 ~ 2001
  • 2000 ~ 1977

Go out
into the bigger world

SEA-TREE, the only sea urchin food maker and exporter having its head office in Pohang, will do best to be better food processing company by developing diverse new products for Korea and global market.


01Obtain a certificate of recognition from the department dedicated to research and development.

01New product Red Crab Meat/Canned Crab with Crab Flesh

04Selected as a global IP star company in Gyeongsangbuk-do

04Creating an Online Marketing Department


02Lotte Duty-Free Shop (Kimpo Airport International, Incheon International Airport Building 1 / 2nd Office)

03Changed company name to SEA-TREE

03Release of new Haegakpo

04Produce our promotional video

05Renewal of our website and shopping mall

06New product Red Crab Flesh (Freeze) 80 g Pack Release

07Supply to Market Curly for generators

09Supply our sea urchin products to online markets, such as fish sale/coupang/Timon/Wemakeprice, etc.


05Additionally built the cold-wind drying facility in the second plant

06Completed placing HACCP facilities for half-dried saury in the second plant

06Perimeter Automatic Defractor (80 pieces per minute) Imported installation


07Selected as Promising Small Giant By Pohang City

10Completed renovating the cscomd plant

10Additionally Built the cold-wind drying facility in the second plant


05Won the top company in food safety and management of sanitary supervision by Mayor of Pohang

12Awarded by the head of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Regional Small and Medium Business Venture Agency, an excellent management ability and technology company.


01Obtain Certification of Main Biz(Small and Medium of Innovative Management) by Small and Business Administration

03Established Japan Branch in Shimonoseki City, Japan


11Extend Gwameki facility in Guman-ri factory


08Constructed sea-urchin Process facility "SEATREE" building in head office


08Established Seoul office in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-ku, Seoul

Only one company

In 2009, we achieved $ 4.73 million in exports to Japan, enhancing our position as the number one sea urchin food processing company in Korea.


04Won the letter of commendation of new growth business in Gyeongsangbuk-do


04Nominated as“ Trader of the month that highlights the name of Korea”which was managed by Trade Association

05Began to supply 300 tons/year of squid ball/bar to food materials company

11Won the“ US$3 million Export Tower”managed by Trade Association

11Began to supply frozen sea urchin egg to some 90 stores of Home Plus nationwide


02Changed representative director (Yoon Il-Hoon)

08Nominated as“ small and medium business of innovative management”by Small and Medium Business Association

08Nominated as the clean business establishment designated by the Industrial Safety and Promotion Complex in the Ministry of Labor


08Won the silver prize with the products of Bosung "Homi Promontory Sea urchin Egg" in the 1st public subscription fair of Pohang Tourism Souvenir

11Launched Homi Promontory half-dried saury, the specialty of Pohang and began to supply them to the marine products/sashimi corner of E-Mart


04Applied for utility model to the KIPO for Bosung "raw sea urchin egg 70g pack products package structure" (NO. 20-2006-0009069)

06Began to supply the national stores of E-Mart, the largest domestic discount store raw sea urchin egg, sea urchin egg pickles, frozen sea urchin egg, etc.


05Began to supply raw sea urchin egg, sea urchin egg pickles and frozen sea urchin egg to E-Mart, the largest domestic discount store

06osung The trademark of "Homi Promontory Sea urchin Egg" was registered in KIPO (NO.0620229)


03Began to supply the raw sea urchin egg to some 100 customers such as high graded Japanese restaurant and rotation sushi restaurant in Gangnam

04Awarded the 5 Million Dollar Tower for Gyeongbuk Agricultural and Marine Products Export Contribution

09Supplied some 30 tons/year of frozen sea urchin to all areas of Jeju-do

09Won the grand prize of customer impression and power brand in 2004 selected by Daily Sports

12Acquired the authentication of ISO 9001:2000 TQCSI

Since 1977~

In 1977, the first step toward becoming the world's leading seafood processing company began in Pohang, where the natural beauty of nature was enjoyed.


12Exported to Japan in the amount of US$ 12,000,000


05Constructed the largest domestic factory to process sea urchin (8-1 Guman-ri, Daebo-myeon, Nam-gu, Pohang-si)


01Converted into Bosung Trade Co., Ltd as a corporation.


04Established Bosung Trade (exporting marine products)