Sea urchin raw

  • Food type
    Processed seafood

  • How to keep
    Keep refrigerated

  • Expiration date
    10 days

· Ingredients and Content

(Korean Ingredients) Sea urchin 100%

· Packing

wooden platter

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Nutrition (per 100g / Average)

calorie calcium sign iron content Retinol Vitamin A Thiamine Riboflavin Niacin
524kcal 44mg 336mg 1.8mg 20ug 560iu 0.11(B1)mg 0.53(B1)mg 13mg


  • It is a product that hygienically processed sea urchin collected by divers from the East Sea in the clean sea area with our own know-how. No preservatives or colorants are added to chemical seasoning.
  • It is contained in a wooden container developed by ourselves to block outside air to prevent freshness and disturbance.
  • Supplied seafood sashimi corner to more than 170 E-Mart stores nationwide / Supplied department stores / Supplied 200 high-quality restaurants


product name configuration
Murasaki sea urchin raw 60g
Bahun sea urchin raw 60g
product name configuration
Murasaki sea urchin raw 100g


  • The color of the product may differ slightly depending on your monitor environment or the angle at which the picture is taken.
  • Please refrigerate or freeze the product at the time of receipt and consume it within the expiration date after receipt.
  • Product packaging or containers are subject to change without notice.