• Global IP Star Corporate Designation Confirmation

  • Recognition letter from the R&D department

  • Pohang City Promising Small and Medium Enterprise Designation

  • Commendation from Food Safety Pohang Market on the 16th Korea Food Day

  • Trader award

  • Trademark Registration-Sea Urchin

  • HACCP Certificate Trade Fair Guman 2nd Factory

  • Daegu Gyeongbuk Regional Small and Medium Business Administration Award

  • Main Biz Certification Renewal Confirmation

  • Gyeongsangbuk-do governor citation

  • Pohang Mayor Awards-1987

  • Pohang Mayor Awards-1998

  • Pohang Cultural Center

  • Clean workplace certificate

  • Risk assessment certificate

  • Modification of the designation number of the Young Ilman friend's usage order

  • Business Registration

  • Business Report

  • SEATREE Business Registration Certificate

  • SEATREE Guman 2nd Factory Business Registration Certificate

  • Mail order report

  • Sales report for specialized distribution business

  • Certificate of Business Registration for Imported Food, etc

  • SEATREE trademark registration decision

  • SEATREE HAEGAKPO inspection report

  • SEATREE Salted Sea Urchin inspection report